Richard Wrightman Design

Richard Wrightman Design was a boutique furniture shop located in New York that catered to a variety of American and tropical hardwoods, leathers, & canvas that would then be customized with your desired dimensions, style, choice of wood, and finish. He was a fantastic desire with many of his creations being featured all over the world. We would like to dedicate this website to him!

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Anyways, back to Richard Wrightman, his furniture creations combined the rustic with the modern style. His pieces were creative, fun, and innovative. His campaign comprised of 40 designs of furniture built for a traveler. All furniture produced by his company was hand-made, hand-crafted with impeccable detail to each design. Each and every piece of furniture was made to suit the clients needs and specifications.

Richard Wrightman Design produced a wide variety of products. Ranging from beds, tables, seating, storage, shelves and screens. You may have came across some of his many famous pieces in your friends house or in a near by restaurant or hotel. Some of his famous pieces were the chat win dining / desk chair, Jasper bench and Maclaren bar, counter and dining chairs.

He instantly became known due to the fact that his designs and products were not only creative and beautifully crafted but they were also very useful for small apartments or spaces that you could  easily pack and unpack furniture in. I can only image how it must feel to be able to get your furniture in and out that easily.


The Real Deal. Customization

Wrightman’s company customized furniture for their clients, giving the client more connection with their furniture. His designs were offered in various mediums. Materials like wood, leather and fabric were all on the “table” when it came to designing furniture with him.

Not all of their furniture was really designed by them. Some pieces of furniture were client driven and they welcomed commission work from their clients. This then expanded the company’s product line as they continued to design newer, more functional designs that were commissioned by their clients.

When allowing their clients to order their own furniture, the company followed simple steps.

To commission a piece of furniture you had to schedule an initial meeting where the you were advised on design, material choices and the method of building the said furniture. Together, you would brainstorm furniture that would suit the your preference and taste.

Before the build started, you would be shown concept sketches for to help better visualize the design. During this step of process, you would be given the option to change the design, color, or material of the furniture. After approval of the proposed concept, a quote for the design would then be given to you.

To confirm an order a 50% deposit was required to begin the build.


These simple steps were one of the many reasons why the company was very successful.

And with that, after 14 to 16 weeks of waiting, the furniture that you designed together with Richard Wrightman would then be delivered.


The Legacy

Richard Wrightman did not only adorn the houses in New York but also reached as far as the Hamptons, France, Dubai and some hotels in the Indian Ocean. This company had come along way by serving clients from all over the world.

I believe that it takes great talent to produce original, creative and quality products and it saddens me that they have stopped their presence online, at least with this site, because they were really doing a great job at sharing this beautiful craft that they had honed and sharpened.

Richard Wrightman should serve as an inspiration to many design companies. Designing furniture that is not only beautiful but also fully functional as well.

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